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NIPCA is a progressive, innovative and thriving organization that imbibes conceptual thinking in every facet of our operations. Members found the community immensely beneficial for their career advancement.


Connections to grow and achieve more

Discover mentors through our national network of leaders and formal mentorship program designed to get you to the next level through coaching and referrals.


Tools to leverage for performance

Access tools and techniques through our library of pre-recorded masterclasses, webinars and E-learning sessions and more.


Credentials to raise your profie

With occasional discounts on trainings and study groups curated to ace certifications, your next professional credential is just ahead.


Learning to stay up-to-date

Through our weekly e-learning series – expertly curated by professionals, you are never out of tune with the latest developments in the IT world.


Partake in our community of practice

Leveraging our community of practive grouped into various ecosystem in our Slack channels, your domain knowledge is set to keep rising.


Have fun

As we love to work hard, we also love to have fun. With our annual schedule of learning and social activities alike, the fun at NIPCA never stops.

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