About Nipca

“We are committed to building an enduring organization that helps our members, community and partners succeed”


— Osita Nwajiufor, Founder & President 








NIPCA is a Not-for-Profit professional organization committed to the growth of Nigerian IT Professionals in Canada through Education, Training, Networking, Empowerment, Support, Job referrals, Mentorship and Insights to Canadian IT Job market. 

We provide a platform for resource sharing and knowledge exchange among members who continuously seek ways to improve their professional development. 

Our members are changing the narratives and are passionate about helping one another achieve their goals in Canada.


Our Vision

To be an innovative, progressive, forward thinking and vibrant Professional Organization that champions Integration, Inclusion, Diversity, Career growth and advancement of Nigerians working within the Tech ecosystem in Canada.


Our Mission

A vital connection that educates, empowers and curate vibrant networks of Nigerian IT Professionals in Canada focused on supporting each other with training, job leads and referrals, mentorship, advocacy and partnerships to become the empowered IT experts in North America.

Our Core Values

At NIPCA, PEPSITI is the core value of our culture and community. We define success differently. 

To succeed, we instill the following principles as core values in our members, enabling them to achieve overall success, growing into their full potential in all areas of life and setting a foundation for a progressive growth towards living a solvent life.









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